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An initiative by Keio University and Centre for Society and Policy, Indian Institute of Science as a part of the India Japan Laboratory.

About Science, Technology and Innovation Forum

Welcome to India Japan STI Forum, an esteemed collaboration between the Indian Institute of Science(IISc) in India and Keio University in Japan. We, together with the India Japan Laboratory, provide a dynamic platform for fostering collaboration and exchanging knowledge in the domains of Science, technology, and innovation. Our primary objective is to encourage researchers and students to harness their expertise and promote the use of appropriate concepts and technologies to address national needs and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

In an era where sustainability is of paramount importance in tackling global challenges, the role technology in accelerating sustainability transitions cannot be overstated. Our amalgamation of science, technology and innovation strives to facilitate the advancement of knowledge, while also serving as a catalyst for interactions among individuals. By exploring the interplay between science, technology and society, we aim to shape the lives of people and empower them to contribute effectively to issues of global significance.

The India Japan STI Forum is dedicated to collectively addressing, analyzing and nurturing the issues that impact India, Japan and  beyond, while making them more relevant to the global community. We endeavor to organize science-based events and foster collaborations that showcase the transformative power o science and technology. Through these events, we aim to empower local communities, facilities skill development, expand knowledge and build cross-cultural relationships.

Keio University

Keio University is a private, comprehensive higher education institution located on six campuses spread across the Greater Tokyo area. It offers an environment of academic and research excellence in a wide range of fields, and includes a university hospital. Founded in 1858, it is Japan’s first modern institution of higher learning, and over the last century and a half it has established itself as a leader in Japan through its continued commitment to education, research and medicine. Keio has its origins in the school of Western learning established by Yukichi Fukuzawa, a school which soon evolved into a major center of learning. As a highly respected educator and intellectual, Fukuzawa was one of the pioneers of modern Japan. He aspired for Keio to become a model and leader of society, stressing the importance of learning that is based on jitsugaku, or “science”. In today’s changing world, Keio upholds its founder’s spirit of science as it continues to fulfill his aspiration.

India Japan Laboratory

India Japan Laboratory (IJL) engages students and faculty members in inter-disciplinary and multi-stakeholder (private sector, non-government organizations and citizens) education, action research and policy advocacy programs on issues relevant to India and Japan. Through collective co-learning from India, IJL aims to co-design innovative solutions with governments, private sector, citizen groups and other related stakeholders. It provides unique learning opportunities for Keio students as well as students from different universities and research institutions from India and the world.


Indian Institute of Science

The Indian Institute of Science (IISc) was established in 1909 by a visionary partnership between the industrialist Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata, the Mysore royal family and the Government of India. Over the last 111 years, IISc has become India’s premier institute for advanced scientific and technological research and education. Its mandate is “to provide for advanced instruction and to conduct original investigations in all branches of knowledge as are likely to promote the material and industrial welfare of India.” In keeping with this guiding principle, the Institute has strived to foster a balance between the pursuit of basic knowledge and applying its research for industrial and social benefit. IISc’s reputation and pre-eminence ensures that it attracts the best young faculty members trained in the best laboratories around the world. In 2018, IISc was selected as an Institution of Eminence (IoE) by the Government of India, and it consistently figures among the top Indian institutions in world university rankings.

Events and Activities

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1 - 2 December Conference: 'Flourishing Through Change'

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1-2 December 2023, Conference: 'Flourishing through Societal Change'

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