Harmonising science and society

The Centre for Society and Policy (CSP) is a policy research centre based at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India. Established in November 2018, as an interdisciplinary centre for science and technology policy, the centre explores interactions between science, technology, society, and development. The Indian Institute of Science has been at the forefront of cutting-edge research in the various disciplines of science and technology. With the establishment of a policy centre, the institute extends its impact of S&T research by looking at the multitude interrelationships between S&T research and policy.

The CSP today addresses several policy agendas including sustainable futures, intellectual property rights, genetic engineering and health, smart cities, livelihood and water futures, informal economic systems, data security, and data economics. The centre is committed to policy engagement and impacting policy at all stages of S&T research.


Policy Dialogues and Diplomacy on Science and Technology

A platform for S&T conversations around regulations, policy, and socio-cultural design.


Philosophy of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

A forum to initiate conversations and create a public discourse around topics in the philosophy of STEM.

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