Harmonising science and society

The Centre for Society and Policy (CSP) is a policy research centre based at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India. Established in November 2018, as an interdisciplinary centre for science and technology policy, the centre explores interactions between science, technology, society, and development. The Indian Institute of Science has been at the forefront of cutting-edge research in the various disciplines of science and technology. With the establishment of a policy centre, the institute extends its impact of S&T research by looking at the multitude interrelationships between S&T research and policy.

The CSP today addresses several policy agendas including sustainable futures, intellectual property rights, genetic engineering and health, smart cities, livelihood and water futures, informal economic systems, data security, and data economics. The centre is committed to policy engagement and impacting policy at all stages of S&T research.


Policy Dialogues and Diplomacy on Science and Technology

A platform for S&T conversations around regulations, policy, and socio-cultural design.


Philosophy of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

A forum to initiate conversations and create a public discourse around topics in the philosophy of STEM.

Panel Discussion on the Science, Technology and Innovation Policy 2020 #NitiVimarsh

21st January 2021 | Venue: Virtual Conference

This panel discussion will explore the details of the proposed STI policy and various thematic groups, its implications, and the policymaking process. The new STI Policy identifies and addresses the Indian STI ecosystem’s strengths and weaknesses to catalyse socio-economic development of the country and make the Indian STI ecosystem globally competitive. It revolves around the core principles of being decentralized, evidence-informed, bottom-up, experts-driven, and inclusive. Also, it aims to bring in the concept of dynamic policy with a robust policy.

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Panel Discussion on the Future and Promise of Artificial Intelligence

28th February 2020 | Venue: CSP Seminar Hall, Bangalore

This panel discussion will explore strategic approaches to be adopted by India for accelerated diffusion of artificial intelligence considering its potential to transform economies. It will further focus on NITI Aayog’s three-pronged approach of national strategy on artificial intelligence. More particularly, it will examine important issues like ethics, bias and privacy issues relating to AI across sectors like agriculture, health and education.

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Panel Discussion on Data Economics and Policy

14th February 2020 | Venue: Faculty Hall Main Building, IISc Bangalore | Time: 3:30 to 5:30 pm

This panel discussion will explore the economic, policy, legal, regulatory, standardization issues involved in using public data to generate public good. The data under consideration includes IOT data from smart city sensors, video data from surveillance cameras, legal and property records, data from cellular providers and similar. The Economist has (somewhat optimistically) estimated that this data will generate 1.7T$ of economic value by 2025. This panel discussion will examine the issues that are pertinent to making this claim a reality.

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Workshop on Communicating Research to Non-experts

18th January 2020 | Venue: CSP Seminar Hall, Bangalore

The need to acquire the skills to communicate one’s research to non-experts is being increasingly
recognized by all stakeholders involved in research and development – funding agencies, journals,
academic universities, as well as industries. Learning these skills is absolutely crucial today due to
three recent changes in the professional landscape of graduate students.

Registration open for highly motivated doctoral researchers from all disciplines

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Workshop on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

26th to 27th July 2019 | Venue: CSP Seminar Hall, Bangalore

The workshop will equip academic institutions to set up their own incubation centre and IP Cell in the area of science and technology.

Registration open for institutions and academicians

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