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Journal Articles

Jayaprakash, P., Naveen, B.R., Gurtoo, A., Shaw, R. (2022). Jugaad Innovation: Concept and Lessons of Social Innovation in India. In: Kanbara, S., Shaw, R., Kato, N., Miyazaki, H., Morita, A. (eds) Society 5.0, Digital Transformation and Disasters. Disaster Risk Reduction. Springer, Singapore.
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Working Papers

Sengupta, D., Gurtoo, A & Swarna, B. M. (2023). Identifying Data Quality Dimensions. Centre for Society and Policy Working Paper - 02B/01/2023. January 2023.
Majumdar, R., and Gurtoo A. (2023). Data Pricing Models for Data Exchange: Review Analysis. Centre for Society and Policy Working Paper - 01B/01/2023. January 2023.
Hazarika, D., and Gurtoo A. (2022). Gender policies across universities world-wide: some case examples. Working Paper - 01B/10/2022. Oct 2022. For, access to the full paper please write to
Lopez - Diez, Jaime (2022). Ramayana’s Dharma and Freud’s Canonical Oedipal Plot. Centre for Society and Policy Working Paper - 01C/07/2022 · July 2022. For, access to the full paper please write to
Swami, D Gurtoo, A, Kumar V C, Arora, A. (2021). Evaluation of school feeding programs across countries - A review of literature. IISc - CSP Working Paper. August 28, 2021
Verma, A. and Gurtoo, A. (2021). Governance requirements of an exchange platform. IISc-CSP, Bangalore. 08B/12/2021. pp. 01-17.
Verma, A. and Gurtoo, A. (2021). Evaluating global data policies around non-personal data. IISc-CSP, Bangalore. 09B/10/2021. pp. 01-27.
Patil, R., Gurtoo A. (2021). Data categorisation and classification: a systematic review. IISc-CSP, Working Paper - 01B/05/2021. pp. 01-29
Patil, R., Jain, A & Gurtoo A. (2020). Sustainability transition in established corporations: role of technological innovation. SSRN Working Paper. id=3635658.
Patil, R. & Gurtoo A. (2020). Overview of personal data protection laws, regulations, and policies globally. IISc-CSP Working Paper (2020).
Swami, D, Gurtoo, A, and Afsharia, B. (2020). Impact on nutrition through mid-day meals: building a comprehensive assesment model. IISc-CSP Working Paper - 01B/04/2020, pp. 01-28.
Girija, R (2019). Policy Review: Humanure application in agriculture: Emerging policy concerns and recommendations. IISc-CSP, Working Paper -01A/12/2019.
Kumari M C (2019). Policy Review: National Design Policy of India, 2007 and Science, Technology and Innovation Policy of India, 2013. IISc-CSP Working Paper - 06A/10/2019.
Gangopadhyay, Anasuya (2019). Policy Review: The Winds of Change in India’s Wind Sector - Guidelines for Tariff Based Competitive Bidding for Procurement of Power from Grid-Connected Large Wind Power Projects. IISc-CSP Working Paper - 05A/10/2019.

Policy Briefs

Dayama, A . and Patil, R. (2022). Pharmaceutical manufacturing capacities in the post-pandemic era: sustainable industrial policies and practices. IISc-CSP, Bangalore. 02C/01/2022. pp. 01-04
Dayama, A. and Patil, R. (2022). Reverse pharmacology for Ayurveda-based modern medicines. IISc-CSP, Bangalore. 01C/01/2022. pp. 01-05
Patil R & Gurtoo A (2020). Essay on Revenue Component of Business Models at Data Marketplaces. IISc-CSP, Bangalore. 01C/09/2020.
Patil R & Gurtoo A (2020). Comprehensive Report on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) - The Regulation (EU) 2016/679 . IISc-CSP, Bangalore. 01C/09/2020.
Patil R & Gurtoo A (2020). Brief Report on the Framework for the Free Flow of Non personal Data in the European Union (FFD): The Regulation (EU) 2018/1807 . IISc-CSP, Bangalore.
Patil R & Gurtoo A (2020). Brief Report on the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (CCPA). IISc-CSP, Bangalore.

Book Chapters

Afsharinia, B., Gurtoo, A., Shaw, R. (2022). Developmental Agenda and the Global Pandemic. In: Shaw, R., Gurtoo, A. (eds) Global Pandemic and Human Security. Springer, Singapore.
Patil, R., Gopal, I. (2022). The Importance of Data Sharing in Managing Public Health Crises. In: Shaw, R., Gurtoo, A. (eds) Global Pandemic and Human Security. Springer, Singapore.
Ingole, S & Gurtoo, A (2022). Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure. Chapter in the Economic Survey of Karnataka, 2021-22.
Shaw, R., Gurtoo, A. (2022). Introduction: Global Pandemic, Human Security, Technology and Development. In: Shaw, R., Gurtoo, A. (eds) Global Pandemic and Human Security. Springer, Singapore.
Naveen, B. R., & Gurtoo, Anjula (2020). Using path analysis to build a sustainable transport service quality model. Contemporary Issues in Sustainable Development: The Case of India, Routledge (Taylor & Francis Group), page no. 383-403.

Media Articles

G L Krishna (2023). Knowledge is the best medicine - only when it comes from an authentic source. RHiME. 29 April 2023.

G L Krishna (2022). What ails the current approach to ayurveda. The Hindu. 11 July 2022.
Gurtoo, A & Patil Rahul (2020). Will the Covid-19 pandemic change the IP domain for the better? Science The Wire. 21 May, 2020.
Gurtoo, A & Patil Rahul (2020). When a Covid-19 vaccine is discovered, will it be freely available and be affordable to all? Scroll In. 15, July, 2020.
Gurtoo, A., Sharma, N., and Swami. D. (2020). Why reviving midday meals is a must. Outlook Poshan, September 17th, 2020.
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