Social Innovation Challenge

A competition for aspiring innovators to devise creative and sustainable solutions to solve the current social problems. We seek innovations across four major themes namely, Water Management; Healthcare; Gender Equality and Inclusion; and Urbanization.


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About us

We, the organisers

The Centre for Society and Policy (CSP) is a policy research centre based at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India. Established as an interdisciplinary centre for science and technology policy, the centre explores interactions between science, technology, society, and development.

The laboratory aims to undertake cutting edge bilateral / multilateral research on different topics, and to enhance higher education collaboration and partnership, and facilitate exchange of intellectual capital. The lab collectively addresses, analyzes, learns and nurtures the issues related to India and Japan and beyond, and make it more relevant to the global communities.

Social Innovation Challenge 2020

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For each category, three prizes will be provided along with a certificate. Selected innovations will be compiled as a social innovation compendium and jointly published by Keio University and Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.

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How to apply:

  1. Fill up the registration form with essential details supporting your application.
  2. Applicants may apply individually or as a team.
  3. Limit details of your innovation up to four pages. 
  4. Attach your workable model or a proof of concept, if any, along with the photographs.  
  5. Participants are requested to limit their application to one thematic area per innovation, otherwise application is subject to rejection.


  1. Background of the innovation to-be-submitted under challenge (up to 200 words: in attached pro forma)
  2. Technical disclosure supporting your application (up to 500 words)
  3. Details regarding novelty, relevance, effectiveness, ecological sustainability, and scale of impact (each, up to 170 words)
  4. Total number applicants and team member with short bio for each member including names, designation, affiliations, and photographs.

Criteria of evaluation:

Each application with all the essentials will be evaluated based on the following criteria: 

  • Novelty (20%)
  • Relevance (20%)
  • Efficiency (20%) 
  • Ecologically sustainable (20%)
  • Scale of impact (20%)

Individual innovators or their teams can initiate registration hereafter

Applicants are requested to submit their detailed proposal by this day

Extended period for submission of proof of concept or workable model ends this day

Shortlisted candidates are requested to present their innovation virtually

Final announcement of results of the Social Innovation Challenge will be declared by this day

Innovations featured in Social Innovation Challenge will be compiled as a social innovation compendium and jointly published by Keio University and Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.

Thematic areas

Water Management

Safe water, ecosystem services, sustainability, innovative water technologies, agricultural innovations, freshwater stress, and similar issues or topics


Biotech innovations, digital transformations, medicine delivery, diagnostics and detection, disease management, medical services, physical wellness, mental wellness and similar issues or topics

Gender Equity & Inclusion

Technological innovations, maternal wellbeing, AI for transforming lives, socio-economic transformational shifts from issues like marginalization and inequality, gender responsive design, tools for women empowerment and others


Inclusive designs, human-nature interface, sustainable living, pollution, climate change mitigation, transportation, building, waste management, recycling and similar issues or topics


Keep visiting SIC2020 website for regular updates. All the details will be shared via this web portal only.

Registration form:

For more details:

  • Please refer to the detailed advertisement
  • Contact us at +91 080 2293 2486 or write at socialinnovation.csp@iisc.ac.in

Shortlisted innovators will present their innovative solutions across thematic areas.

You all are welcome . Registration needed. 

Centre for Society
and Policy, IISc


“Science in the 21st century is about expanding the social compact, that is, honouring the implicit agreement between science and society to work together for sustainability, and mutual benefit.”  – Professor Anjula Gurtoo, Chairperson, IISc-CSP

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