Health Systems

Project LifeBeyondSchool

Programme for thematic discussions about the life beyond school
A series of regular, themed discussions between high-school students and recent school leavers

Encouraging students to discover their own goals in life and to empower them to reach for these goals; Discussions geared towards students exploring what options are available and how to pursue them; To equip students with the skills to tackle these issues critically and with empathy

Neonatal and Prenatal Healthcare Policy

Bringing Healthcare to the Youngest Citizens of India
Neonatal, Prenatal, Healthcare Policy, Genetics, Epigenetics, NBS

Creation of index of genetic disorders through the use of Wilson-Jungner Framework; Creation of index of tests recommended for various disorders; Creation of software for collection of statistical data about disorders; Create a newborn screening policy for India

Mr. Savyasachee Jha

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