Intellectual Property Models for Accelerating Sustainability Transitions

An Analysis of Sustainable Intellectual Property Models
Using clean energy for boosting circular economy

Data Economics and Policy

Complementing IUDX development and deployment efforts
The DataKaveri program explores the technical, legal, organizational & economic barriers to use non-personal data.

Gender Advancement for Transforming Institutions

Building a comprehensive gender profile and creating a gender enabling environment
at the workplace, enabling for self-growth and career progression.

The Akshaya Patra Research Lab

Children food security policy development and advocacy
Food security, community participation, elimination of malnutrition, and more

Project DULT

Deriving comprehensive insights on specific travel challenges faced by women across transport modes and enhancement of existing policies and plans by incorporating data driven gender inclusive interventions

Project Life Beyond School

Improving Nutrition and Fitness among Government School Children And Build Habits Through Low Cost Solutions

Intellectual Property for Sustainability

To design, develop, and pilot test a multidisciplinary teaching module for educating Indian graduate students on 'Intellectual Property for Sustainability'

Project Equitable Design

An equitable design framework for peri urban spaces - A case study of Bangalore

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