Policy Research in Science and Technology

Governance of Data Exchange Platforms

Strengthening ecosystem of digital data platforms
Combining core software developmental efforts with deployment and study of policy, economics and legal issues

Developing a regulatory and monitoring ecosystem for the data platform; Developing a market-based framework for data economics; Investigate regulatory guidelines and privacy options for data security and develop policy recommendations for governance

Mr. Rahul Patil

Service Quality of Intercity Bus transport

Assessing the service quality of public transport based on passenger preferences
Intercity bus transport, Service quality, Passenger preferences, Perceived service value, Transport policy, Public transport

The objectives mainly focused on building service quality-oriented transport infrastructure through customer preferences which can be used as one of the effective tools of quality assurance and marketing strategy.

Dr. Naveen B Ramu

Evaluating India's Water Policy, 2012

Comprehensive overview of India's water policy
Critical review of outcomes and impact of India's water policy, 2012 through fact-based research

National water policy at glance; assessment of impact of water policy, stakeholder involvement in water management; policies for checking over-exploitation; water allocation and pricing

Mr. Vibhanshu Golia

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