Cyber Security Readiness:
Framework and standards

A collaborative initiative aimed at developing tailored cybersecurity standards and protocols to safeguard PGCIL's critical infrastructure and ensure the security and reliability of India's power grid.

Cyber Security Readiness: Framework and standards

In collaboration with the Power Grid Center of Excellence in Cyber Security at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, PGCIL is embarking on a critical cybersecurity initiative. The project’s primary objective is to create tailored cybersecurity standards, protocols, and tools specifically designed to fortify PGCIL’s extensive networks. This endeavor involves a comprehensive review of global cybersecurity standards, a detailed risk assessment of PGCIL’s systems, and the development of practical tools such as an Audit Schedule, Emergency Response Protocol, and Forensic Protocol.

This project directly aligns with the goals of the Power Grid Center of Excellence in Cyber Security. It seeks to recommend compliance mechanisms, establish audit capabilities, analyze the power sector’s evolving cybersecurity threats, and propose future mitigation measures. By enhancing its cybersecurity posture, PGCIL aims to protect critical infrastructure and ensure the uninterrupted operation of India’s power grid.

The project’s practical implementation involves a thorough organizational study to assess current cybersecurity risks and requirements within PGCIL. Using a risk-based approach, it will guide the development of targeted cybersecurity protocols and standards, efficiently allocating resources to address essential risks. Ultimately, this initiative empowers PGCIL to proactively defend against emerging cyber threats and maintain the reliability of the nation’s power supply.

Project Investigator

Prof. Anjula Gurtoo
Professor in Public Policy,
Indian Institute of Science, India

Team members

Sathwik Marla
Project Associate
Centre for Society and Policy, IISc

Supported by

Power Grid Corporation of India Limited (POWERGRID)

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