The Project Cauvery

The Scientific Study of Cauvery River Basin in Kodagu

Project Aims

  1. Primary biodiversity survey: A comprehensive biodiversity survey of the hitherto undocumented biodiversity at the Tala Kaveri region. The biodiversity survey would involve endemic flora and faunae including a detailed photo-documentation of the various species, their taxonomy and morphology in relation to the prevalent ecology. Endemic flora and faunae would also be identified.
  2. Basin study – Systems modelling: The entire basin covering a few human settlements and activities under the influence by the river and riverine ecosystem would be taken up for a comprehensive system modelling and study into the sustainability of the ecosystem services.
  • Scenario generation and testing: The health and vitality of the riverine ecosystem would be tested for various what-if scenarios to assess the possible future trends and in the identification of various interventions, particularly in the context of their effectiveness, sensitivity and response.


Dr. Naveen B R
Post Doctoral Fellow
Centre for Society and Policy, IISc
Project Intern
Centre for Society and Policy, IISc
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