Project Life Beyond School

Improving Nutrition and Fitness among Government School Children And Build Habits Through Low Cost Solutions

LifeBeyondSchool Foundation is committed to improving education, health and fitness among government school children. Social determinants such as where children are born, where they live and grow have a significant impact on the health and fitness of children. In this context, we are conducting a research to identify low cost solutions to improve nutrition and fitness among Government School children. This research aims to identify the root causes of unfit children and malnutrition as well as potential low cost solutions that would help parents and students of Government School children.

Team Members

Prof. Anjula Gurtoo
Professor in Public Policy,
Indian Institute of Science, India
Vedanth Nandivada
Project Associate,
Life Beyond School Foundation, India

News & Events

The Project Life Beyond School commissioned at the Centre for Society and Policy, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore in collaboration with the Life Beyond School Foundation.

Inititative By

The project Life Beyond School is financially supported by the Life Beyond School Foundation, India.

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